Prompt Merchant Review: The Simplest Way To Start a Prompt Selling Business

Creating and selling prompts can be a tough task. It involves technical knowledge and time. Many find it complex. Still, the rise in AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E has boosted the demand for high-quality prompts. The market is large, including businesses and individual creators.

Prompt Merchant Review comes as a solution to this. In this article, We try to discuss the features, pricing & bonuses of Prompt Merchant.

You can build a prompt selling business from the ground up. It removes technical hurdles, making the process simple and straightforward.

Why should you keep reading? Because we have an exclusive offer for you. Uncover the unmatched features of Prompt Merchant in our detailed review.

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Prompt Merchant Overview:

Prompt Merchant is a groundbreaking software tool created by the renowned entrepreneur Andrew Darius.

Released recently, its primary aim is to simplify the process of creating and selling prompts for AI content and graphic generation tools, such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

This software emerges in the backdrop of the surging popularity of generative AI tools, which has led to an increased demand for high-quality prompts. 

With Prompt Merchant, users can effortlessly set up an online store customized to their brand to cater to businesses, freelancers, designers, content creators, and others who are heavily relying on AI for content creation.

Prompt Merchant is the pioneer platform designed to empower anyone, regardless of their technical know-how, to launch and manage a prompt selling business, tapping into the thriving demand for AI-generated content and graphics.


Prompt Merchant Review: Features

Prompt Merchant ReviewPrompt Merchant comes packed with features designed to help anyone start and run a profitable prompt-selling business with ease. Let’s go into the specifics.

Easy Store Setup: Set up your online store quickly. The tool offers drag-and-drop simplicity, making it straightforward to use even for beginners.

Payment Integration: Accept payments hassle-free. It integrates seamlessly with platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay, handling all transactions smoothly.

SEO Features: Boost your store’s visibility on search engines. It includes features like sitemaps to enhance your SEO strategy.

100 Ready-to-Sell Prompts: Start selling instantly. It comes with 100 sellable prompts, allowing you to hit the ground running.

Unlimited Prompt Uploads: Enjoy endless possibilities. The platform permits unlimited prompt uploads, giving freedom to expand your portfolio endlessly.

White Label Options: Make the brand yours. The white label options let you tailor the storefront to your brand’s theme and style, offering a personalized touch.

Dedicated Support Team: Get help when you need it. A dedicated support team is always at hand to assist you with any concerns or issues.

Analytics Integration: Track your progress. Integrated with Google Analytics, it allows you to monitor your store’s performance closely.

It is poised to be an indispensable tool for both beginners and seasoned players in the market.

User Experience:

Using Prompt Merchant was a straightforward process for me. Here’s what it felt like:

Easy Navigation: The site design is intuitive. I found it easy to move from one section to another without confusion.

Quick Setup: Setting up the store was fast. No technical knowledge was required, which is a big plus for beginners.

Smooth Transactions: Payments were a breeze. The platform supports various payment gateways, making transactions smooth and reliable.

SEO Tools: The SEO tools are user-friendly. They helped in improving the store’s visibility on search platforms with little effort.

Ready-to-Sell Prompts: A helpful feature indeed. The ready-to-use prompts allowed for an easy start, reducing the initial workload considerably.

Customization: Personalizing the store was simple and fun. The white-label options provided the freedom to infuse personal style into the store.

Support: Accessible support was a standout feature. The team was responsive and handled queries effectively, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Analytics: The analytics feature was handy. It helped in tracking the performance and understanding the areas needing improvement.

The journey with Prompt Merchant was generally smooth, with a user-friendly interface and tools that facilitate easy operation.

However, diving into a sea of unlimited prompt uploads sometimes felt overwhelming, presenting a slight challenge in choosing the best prompts to focus on.

Pros and Cons:

Here are the Pros and cons. 


  • Intuitive Design: Easy navigation ensures a seamless user experience.
  • Quick Setup: Allows users to establish their store without technical hurdles.
  • Smooth Transactions: Supports various payment gateways, ensuring reliability.
  • User-friendly SEO Tools: Enhance store visibility without much effort.
  • Ready-to-Sell Prompts: Reduces initial workload significantly.
  • Customization: White-label options provide a personal touch.
  • Responsive Support: Ensures user queries are promptly addressed.
  • Handy Analytics: Aids in tracking store performance and insights.


  • Overwhelming Choices: Unlimited prompt uploads can be daunting to navigate.
  • Learning Curve: Requires some time for complete familiarity with all features.

Comparison with Alternatives:

When you’re looking for a platform to handle your online store needs, a comparison is essential. Below is a clear-cut comparison between Prompt Merchant and some of its real competitors.


Prompt Merchant QuickPay Hub InstantSeller


Ease of use

High Medium High



High Low Medium


SEO Tools

User-friendly Advanced Basic



Affordable Expensive Moderate



Responsive Slow Average


Setup Speed

Quick Slow Moderate


Transaction Handling

Smooth Rough Smooth



Detailed Basic Detailed


Pricing and Value:

When it comes to making an investment in a digital tool, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Here’s a closer look at the pricing and what you get with Prompt Merchant.

Prompt Merchant Frontend (Basic Version)

  • Price: $297 (One-time payment)
  • What’s Included:
    • Build & customize your prompt store using the Prompt Merchant platform.
    • Start with 100 ready-to-sell prompts.
    • Freedom to create and upload unlimited prompts.
    • Easy store setup with a drag-and-drop builder.
    • SEO essentials like sitemaps are included.
    • Convenient payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and more.
    • A team always ready to assist: dedicated support.

If you’re just starting out in the AI-generated content market, this basic version is a catch. With just the standard features, you can already tap into this growing niche.

Prompt Merchant OTOs (One-Time Offers)

For those who wish to elevate their game, Prompt Merchant offers OTOs post the basic purchase. These are designed to unlock advanced functionalities, letting you mold your store even more.

OTO 1 – Prompt Merchant PRO


    • Extend your prompt listing to 1,000 prompts.
    • Fresh store templates to amplify your brand’s presence.
    • Streamlined categorization of prompts.
    • Jump the queue with priority support.

With the PRO upgrade, you’re not just selling prompts. You’re building a recognizable brand and making your mark in the industry.


User Support and Documentation: 

Support and documentation are pillars of any software platform. Here’s how Prompt Merchant stands on these fronts.

Customer Support

Prompt Merchant doesn’t take its users for granted. A few key points:

  • Dedicated Team: They have a team on standby, ready to assist with any hiccups.

Documentation and Resources

Having a vast array of features is great, but knowing how to use them? Even better.

  • Comprehensive Guides: Prompt Merchant seems to offer guides covering the basics to advanced topics.
  • Video Tutorials: For those who prefer visual learning, there might be video resources detailing step-by-step processes.
  • Community Forums: Such platforms often host forums or groups where users can share experiences and solutions.

Final Words

Prompt Merchant offers a comprehensive solution for AI-generated content enthusiasts, simplifying the selling of prompts. With an intuitive design, efficient support, and robust features, it positions itself as a game-changer in the market. 

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, it promises value and ease, making AI prompt business both lucrative and manageable.

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