How To Create A Gmail Account – Step By Step Guide

These days, it seems like everyone has a Gmail account. And for a good reason, Gmail is one of the most popular email providers, offering users various features and options. 

If you’re not already on the Gmail bandwagon, now is the time to jump on board. Here I will show you how to create a Gmail account in a few short steps.

How To Create Personal Gmail Account:

You can set up a Personal Gmail account with a few simple steps to help you stay organized and connected with your colleagues.

Creating a professional Gmail account is easy. Follow those steps.

Step1: Go to Gmail Website

If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one for free. Go to and select create an account. Then you will see three options. 

  1. For personal use
  2. For my Child
  3. For Business

You must choose according to your need. After that, you will find a dialogue box.

Next, you must give your First & Last Name in the next dialogue box. 

Enter your name in the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields. Once you’re done, go to the next box.

In this box, you have to put your Gmail Username. You can choose a username with a combination of your name and number.

After that, you must give a strong password. To keep your Gmail account safe, you must create a strong password. Here are some tips for creating a strong password:

  1. Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password.
  2. Make your password at least 8 characters long.
  3. Avoid guessed words like “password” or your name.
  4. Don’t use the same password as other online accounts.
  5. Change your password to keep it secure.

Then next box, just Confirm your password.

After that, click the next button.

Step2: Type In Your Phone Number

After the Confirmation password, a new page will appear. On this page, you must put your valid phone number.

Type in your phone number. Select whether you want verification codes via text message or voice call. Voice calls may not be available in some areas.

Click Send code. A verification code will send to your phone number.

The next part is to give a recovered email ID. If you want to recover your account if you forget your password, you can add a recovery email address. This is optional, but we recommend doing it to be safe. Add a recovery email address.

After giving Recovery Email Id, then put your birth date. Your birthdate is an integral part of your Gmail account. Enter your birthdate in the format MM/DD/YYYY and click on “Next” at the bottom of the page.

Then If you want to change how your name is displayed in your Gmail account, select your gender. This setting is optional; your name will be displayed if you don’t select a gender.

After confirmation of your gender, click next. Then you have to agree with Gmail’s agreement. Click Agree. Then your Gmail id has been created.

Benefits of a Gmail Account

There are many benefits of having a Gmail account. Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. It offers users 15GB of storage for their emails and attachments. They can also access their email from any device with an internet connection.

Gmail also provides users with various features, such as creating multiple email addresses. Using Google Calendar, Docs, Google Sheets, and chatting with friends using Google Hangouts. Gmail accounts are also less likely to be hacked than other types of email accounts.

Also, with this Gmail ID, you can open TWITTER, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, and WORDPRESS Accounts.


Now you know how to create a Gmail account. This process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete. Once you have your account set up, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the great features that Gmail has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your own Gmail account today!

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